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Buddy Holly and The Cricketers*****

Buddy Holly and The Cricketers is on tour for Spring 2024 and I was lucky enough to get tickets. I headed to the Orchard West theatre last night to catch this act and what a night it was!

A Buddy Holly themed act with five exquisite musicians delighted the Dartford audience for two hours, there was singing and dancing in the stalls but the real energy was on stage.

The set begins as you would expect from a Buddy Holly group, nostalgic and a brilliantly accurate portrayal of his music.

As the evening went on, the performers personalities shone, as did their sensational singing and playing. I’ve never seen a double bass playing upside down before, or a band casually swap instruments with each other half way through a song. The lead guitarist was a showman and delighted the crowd with his skills and wild performances. The highlight for me was Tom on the keys performing Jerry Lee Lewis to wild applause.

The personalities of these five artists shine through and their energy is infectious. They look like they are having a ball and the audience gets to join in the party. The tour continues across the country until December, check to see if they are rocking up near you as this is one hell of a good night out and not to be missed!

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